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Camp NaNoWriMo Goals for April

March 23, 2023 by Sarra Cannon

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I’m so ready for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m always grateful for any extra support and motivation to get back to my writing, and this year is particularly important, because I am intentionally creating space for my writing time these days.

My Camp Goals & My Writer Reset

I also have a great new free workbook for you down below for Camp! Just scroll down and fill out your email address to join my newsletter. When you click to confirm your subscription, you’ll immediately get a download for the Sunday start version of the Camp NaNo Workbook.

In a few minutes after that, I’ll email you a link to my free resource library where you’ll see the Monday start version for those who prefer it, and tons of other great resources like a plotting notebook, editing notebook, and more!

Next week, I’ll also be sharing a writer reset workbook, so come join us on the list!

Sarra Cannon


  1. Colleen Sherlock says:

    Hi Sarra! Any idea when you’ll be offering Publish and Thrive again? I am just getting back into writing after dealing a lot with self-doubt and confidence issues, and have always wanted to take your class. I’m tired of doubting myself.

    1. Sarra says:

      Hey there! Publish & Thrive is being offered once a year so the next round will be in early 2024.

  2. aletagoin says:

    Hi Sarra, I’m having trouble finding the workbook for the Writer Reset. I clicked on the link under your YouTube video for Getting Back to the Joy of Writing, but it brought a blank page on your blog and said the link couldn’t be found. is there another place where this workbook is available? I’d really like to start my own Writer Reset. After taxes seems like the perfect time! Haha!

    1. Sarra Cannon says:

      Sorry that the link wasn’t working! You can sign up for my mailing list anywhere on the website and it will send you a link to my Resource Library. It’s in there! https://heartbreathings.com/newsletter/

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