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Custom Life Admin Planner Flip-through😁😍

July 6, 2023 by Sarra Cannon

Planning And Organization

Happy July! It’s such a fun time of year with new planners, Camp NaNo, and some of that mid-year fresh start energy.

Today on ​YouTube​, I’m sharing my full setup process for one of my newer planners, which I’m currently calling my “Life Admin Planner”. I’ve spent so much of my time focusing on organizing my business tasks and goals, but the truth is that daily home and family admin is what allows me to focus and do my work. I’m hoping this new planner will be super helpful in staying organized in these areas.

My Setup Process

Keep an eye out for my Q3 Kanban Reset video coming up soon. These are always some of my favorite videos to film and I hope you enjoy watching them just as much!

In other fun news, the Erin Condren Back-To-School collection launches TODAY for ECInsiders. If you’re currently not signed up, you can do so now ​through this link​. If you haven’t already, check out my last YouTube video where I show you my ​Back-To-School haul​!

Heart Breathings Writing Community

Our quarterly Virtual Writing Retreat is coming up the weekend of July 21-23. More information will be posted in the ​Facebook group​ in the coming weeks. Mark your calendars and hopefully you can join us!

Sarra Cannon

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