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Getting Back To The Joy Of Writing ❤️ WRITER RESET

April 15, 2023 by Sarra Cannon

A Writer's Life

It’s finally here! The first of the Writer Reset videos has just gone up on YouTube.

It’s no secret I’ve struggled to get back to a consistent and joyful writing process over the past few years. Are you in the same boat? I’m excited for the opportunity to reset, refresh, and rediscover that joy in my writing.

My Writer Reset Plans

The Writer Reset Workbook

After a digital break and some good journaling time, I’ve come up with four main areas of focus for my writer reset. If you want to go through a similar process to discover what areas or tools might help you get back to your writing or creative work, check out the free Writer Reset workbook. Sign up for my newsletter below, and I’ll send it to you!

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    If you’re doing camp nano, I hope it’s going great for you so far! I haven’t gotten to the writing part yet, but this is by design, because I knew I needed a little break at the start of the month. Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll have 10,000 new words to report!

    Join Our April Retreat!

    And don’t forget, we’ve got the April Virtual Writing Retreat coming up next weekend! We are only doing the retreats now once a quarter, so you won’t want to miss all the time with the community and some extra encouragement and fun. I’ll be running the night owl sprints this session, but I’ll also pop in to most of the others as I get back into my writing routines. I hope to see you there!

    Check out the  HB Writing Community Page here,  where you’ll also find our Google Calendar with all the links and times you need to join in on the sprints.

    In the meantime, check out my plans for my Writer Reset, and let’s get back to joy together!

    Sarra Cannon


    1. Eva Wright says:

      I love the writer’s reset! I have stress induced eczema so I’ve had to spend more time relaxing and meditating to help my poor skin process life and stress a little better. Plus healthy meals with more greens every day helps fight inflammation. And helping my autistic daughter plant green beans, chamomile, and peppers.

      1. Sarra says:

        I’m glad it can bring you even a bit of joy!

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