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June HB Notebook Challenge And HB90 Bootcamp Are Live!

May 29, 2022 by Sarra Cannon

Planning And Organization

Welcome back for another HB Notebook Challenge! This is June’s Notebook Challenge, and I’m so excited to share some of these beautiful setups and new notebooks that I’ll be using in this month and for months to come. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a stunning Kate Spade notebook (more info in my video description).

June’s HB Notebook Challenge

HB90 Enrollment Now Open!

I also wanted to let you know that the Q3 round of the HB90 Bootcamp is now open for enrollment. We begin with a live kickoff call on June 12th, and I would love for you to join us, either as a new student or an alumni!

Join HB90 Bootcamp Now!

HB90 is NOT about getting everything done and being perfect. It’s about helping you gain clarity on what’s important, what’s realistic, and what’s possible right now in your life. It helps you to identify where you’re wasting time, where you really need to be spending your time, and also where you can just stop stressing and give yourself some space.

I adore this course, and I poured my heart into it. It’s a joy for me to see each transformation as students clarify their desires and start taking major steps toward their dream life.

Want to join us? Once you’re in, you have lifetime access to go through it every quarter free. Read more here.

Registration closes June 12th at noon Easter time and we the live Kick Off Call is also June 12th at 3PM Eastern. And don’t worry! If you can’t make the Kick Off Call, it’s recorded so you’ll be able to catch it on the replay. The rest of the course is self-paced, so if you’re busy getting back into vacation mode, you’ll be able to go through the entire course at your own schedule and with full support from me and the rest of the community for years to come.

I hope to see you there!

Sarra Cannon

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