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My New Plotting Planner

February 28, 2020 by Sarra Cannon

Planning And Organization

I can hardly believe it’s almost March, and that means my sweet new baby, Evie, is already almost 6 months old! For me, that means it’s beyond time for me to be getting back into the habit of daily writing.

In order to get motivated for this, I knew it would be both fun and helpful to completely revamp my writing and plotting planner. I’m still setting it up inside a Happy Planner Big Deluxe cover, but instead of my old pink one, I’m now using their black one.

(I snagged the new black cover for only $3.99, but it looks like they are still discounted on the website to $8.99 right now if you want to grab one for yourself!)

A Look Inside My Plotting Planner

Download The Free HB Writing Tracker

In this video, I also show you an inside look at my new Writing Tracker. This is a sheet I just created in order to help me better track each phase of my writing process.

I’m hopeful that tracking this in a more organized way is going to greatly help me to estimate future projects. If you’d like to download and try this HB Writing Tracker for yourself, please sign up for my newsletter now.

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    How Is Your Writing Going?

    In the comments here or on YouTube, let me know about your own writing journey. How is it going right now? Do you get motivated my new stationery, too? Or is it just me? 😛

    Sarra Cannon


    1. Susan G Haws says:

      I love all you forms and tools and how to / encouragement videos. I can’t wait to try these forms

    2. Crystal Baynard says:

      I tried to enter my website but to no avail so you could take a look I am Old school as an Author but I am a Poet and visual Artist I designed both my covers..

    3. Tammy says:

      Thanks! Informative You Tubes

    4. Darcy D. Diamond says:

      Thank you, Sarra, for the blog, the videos, the encouragement. I, too, assemble my writing projects with the enthusiasm of a scrapbook enthusiast! I see, through your how-tos, that it’s really a “thing.” I love your step-by-step descriptions. I already purchased Clever Fox & monolithic Panda. Perhaps they can be useful, haha, elsewhere in my life. Right now, I’m placing them in time out, starting over with the cool stuff you’ve shared. This is what I want now. Let the writer within me emerge! No, you can’t touch this!

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