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Brainstorm ONE MONTH of Social Media Posts in Just 30 Minutes

August 31, 2023 by Sarra Cannon

A Writer's Life | Planning And Organization

We all know social media can be a powerful way to connect with our audience, but some days, the hardest part is knowing what in the world to talk about or post. It can feel exhausting to keep brainstorming ideas every day or spinning our wheels trying to figure out what people want to see.

In today’s video, I’m sharing with you the method that revolutionized the way I plan my social media. I can seriously brainstorm a month’s worth of post in about 20 minutes, and my engagement is better than ever on Instagram these days. Want to know how? Watch today’s video and check below for your free copy of my brainstorming template.

I’m so excited to gift you my brainstorming template for social media ideas. When you fill out the form below, you’ll receive a PDF with links to both the spreadsheet as well as today’s YouTube video. Once you choose the template, click “Make A Copy” to copy this into your own Google Drive, or click “File” and choose “Download” to download as an excel spreadsheet.

Free Social Media Idea Generation Template

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    I’ve also added this to the HB Resource Library for you to reference at anytime. I hope you find this helpful! And if you do, please share today’s video with your friends and direct them to my newsletter signup to grab it for themselves!

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